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August 17, 2017Pennsylvania Supreme Court Rules Impairment Rating Evaluations UnconstitutionalThe Pennsylvania Supreme Court in Protz v. WCAB (Derry Area School District) declared that the methodology for impairment ratings under the Workers Compensation Act was an unconstitutional delegation of the General Assembly’s legislative power and struck this provision from the Act. June 28, 2017The Benefits of Pre-Dispute ArbitrationThe Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) issued proposed requirements for pre-dispute arbitration agreements commonly utilized by long-term care facilities. Because arbitration is often noted as an efficient and cost-effective resolution tactic, care providers have long argued the benefits of this alternative. June 7, 2017Managing Accident Risk for Distribution FleetsIn an effort to keep escalating insurance and litigation costs down, many distribution companies are looking for innovative solutions to decrease premiums and reduce liability risks. One option gaining popularity is the required implementation of in-vehicle safety technology.

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Issue 3: Summer 2016Legalization of Medical Marijuana in Pennsylvania and the Effects on Workers’ Compensation; Allocation Methods for Long Tail Insurance, 6 Steps to Prepare Your Business for 2016 Hurricane Season. Issue 2: FallEbola Risk Considerations for All Employers; Employee Stretching Programs – What Really Works? Plus Safety Tips to Prepare for Winter Issue 1: Winter10 Tips to Mitigate Wage and Hour Exposure; Delaware Worker's Comp Reform Bill; Motivating Employees to Stay Healthy


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Spring 2013: Contractors who don't embrace technology are heading for extinctionToday, the new wave of technology is mobile and it's already being used by the best construction companies. Fall 2012: Cash is King; Debt is DeadlyIn the current economic environment, contractors may struggle with cash flow. Surety support is often the lifeblood of a construction business.

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Volume X, Issue 2: Q2 2017In this issue, The Graham Company discusses its unique, proactive approach to risk management, which has been serving clients in high-risk industries for more than 50 years. Producer Luke Foley explains management liability insurance, and the Risk Management Center tool and new headquarters renovations are highlighted. Volume IX, Issue 1: Q1 2017In this issue, The Graham Company becomes 100% employee-owned. Our unique culture was established more than five decades ago – it's what we call the Graham Way. As competitors are consolidating, we're expanding our team, our offerings and our physical footprint to better serve you. And we want to guarantee that we'll be able to do that for decades to come. Volume VIII, Issue 3: Q3 2016

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3 Foundational Elements for a Strong Safety CultureNot-for-profit service provider agencies that want to reduce workers compensation costs can do so by building a culture of safety. The foundation for a culture of safety is made up of three key premises – optimal teamwork, a learning and growing environment and a focus on a predictive model versus a reactive model. Lender Insurance Requirements: Adequate Protection for Your Real Estate Investment?When purchasing or refinancing commercial or multifamily real estate property, buyers are required by lenders to secure insurance coverage that meets minimum standards. Although lenders set these requirements, oftentimes the minimum requirements are just that – the minimum coverage you should seek to protect your property or new acquisition. There are many confusing provisions built into these lender requirements. The goal of this article is to break down the provisions and guide you on what you need to consider as part of your overall comprehensive risk management and insurance program for your real estate property. Preventing Data BreachesExperts have predicted 2015 will be the year of healthcare data breaches, and it appears that this prediction may be spot on based on the number of incidents that have already been reported in just the first six months of this year.