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We tackle the issues that keep you up at night, in-depth insight from Graham's most experienced executives.

Insuring Construction Projects Through "Wrap Ups"An insurance solution that offers construction project owners control over costs, coverage terms and conditions, claims processes and loss prevention. Legality Reality: Litigation on the Rise for LTC IndustryHow to protect your organization in a plaintiff-friendly environment. Ask the Expert: Managing Sub-Contractor RiskWhat are primary risk management considerations when managing sub-contractors?


In addition to traditional Property and Casualty Coverages, such as Workers Compensation, Liability, Automobile, Professional Liability, Property and Inland Marine, The Graham Company has the expertise to develop specialized products to fit your needs.

Protect Your Business from the Dangers of Mold with Pollution Liability InsuranceLawsuits over mold are becoming more pervasive and building contractors can suffer the repercussions, even if they build facilities exactly the way they were intended. Controlling Insurance Costs in Assisted Living IndustryAssisted living and long term care organizations can learn how to better control their insurance costs in a changing landscape. What do Cyber Liability Policies Cover?While traditional insurance policies won't be enough to protect your business, cyber liability insurance could be the answer, as long as you know what exposures they cover.


More than just providing bonds, our Surety professionals handle everything from a complete review of your financial history to effectively managing the relationship with your bonding company. Here, we provide best practices and timely tips on a quarterly basis.

Spring 2013: Contractors who don't embrace technology are heading for extinctionToday, the new wave of technology is mobile and it's already being used by the best construction companies. Fall 2012: Cash is King; Debt is DeadlyIn the current economic environment, contractors may struggle with cash flow. Surety support is often the lifeblood of a construction business.

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We turn words into actions; our clients share stories of what it meant to their business. Safety tips, industry news and best practices are also featured quarterly.

Volume VI, Issue 3: Q3In order to redevelop brownfields in our cities and inner-ring suburbs, we must deal with the unique challenges associated with past use and pollution. Volume VI: Issue 2: Q2Employee Health & Wellness: An Action Oriented Approach to Control Healthcare Costs Volume VI: Issue 1: Q1 Legality Reality: Litigation on the Rise for Long-Term Care Industry

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From Workers Compensation issues to complex risk management claims, our experienced Claims Services Team breaks down the most important stories on a bi-annual basis.

Issue 1: Winter10 Tips to Mitigate Wage and Hour Exposure; Delaware Worker's Comp Reform Bill; Motivating Employees to Stay Healthy Issue 2: SummerMaximizing Coverage and Limiting Financial Exposures; Slip-and-Fall Claims: Protecting Your Business Issue 1: WinterIncreasing Stability and Accountability with Return to Work; Programs Firing Employees Who Don't Get Flu Shots