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April 13, 2015Prevent Nurse Back Injuries with a No-Lift CultureIt’s no secret. Thousands of nurses are injured on the job every year by lifting patients. As a matter of fact, more nurses are afflicted with back and arm injuries than any other occupations. Knowing that this is a real issue that’s not going to go away by itself, 10 states have already passed laws requiring hospitals to prevent nurse back injury by restricting nurses from lifting residents or patients. This is bound to increase over time. So, rather than waiting for your state to get on board, get ahead of the curve and create a no-lift culture at your facility today. April 6, 2015Potential M&A Insurance PitfallsAfter a difficult stretch for the last several years, many companies are finally in a position seek strategic opportunities for growth. One such opportunity is to grow by acquisition. While acquisitions can be a terrific way to help your business reach new heights, they aren’t something you should go into blind-folded. If this is an option that you are considering, you have to be aware of all of the potential M&A insurance pitfalls that lie ahead. Two of the most important ones are accurately projecting future costs and protecting your company from uncovered claims. March 30, 2015Defective Product Liability: Claims and Coverage ConsiderationsIf you are a manufacturer, there are three types of product defects you need to be aware of: design defects, manufacturing defects and marketing defects. Not only can your defective product liability claims drive up your insurance premiums, but they can make it difficult for you to insure your business at all. Knowing the crippling impact of product defect issues, it is important for manufacturers to take the right steps to mitigate risk.

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Issue 2: FallEbola Risk Considerations for All Employers; Employee Stretching Programs – What Really Works? Plus Safety Tips to Prepare for Winter Issue 1: Winter10 Tips to Mitigate Wage and Hour Exposure; Delaware Worker's Comp Reform Bill; Motivating Employees to Stay Healthy Issue 2: SummerMaximizing Coverage and Limiting Financial Exposures; Slip-and-Fall Claims: Protecting Your Business


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Spring 2013: Contractors who don't embrace technology are heading for extinctionToday, the new wave of technology is mobile and it's already being used by the best construction companies. Fall 2012: Cash is King; Debt is DeadlyIn the current economic environment, contractors may struggle with cash flow. Surety support is often the lifeblood of a construction business.

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Volume VII, Issue 1: Q1 2015In this issue, The Graham Company’s Health & Human Services Division provides insight on combating distractions to improve patient safety outcomes, importance of Cyber Liability Insurance, tips for preventing fraudulent Workers Compensation claims, and more. Volume VI, Issue 4: Q4Construction Wrap Up Insurance offers project owners control over costs, coverage terms and conditions, claims processes and loss prevention. Volume VI, Issue 3: Q3Pollution Liability Insurance is essential in managing the unique challenges brought on by redeveloping brownfields in our cities and inner-ring suburbs.

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A Property and Casualty Insurance Playbook for Property Owners in 2015As commercial property owners plan for the year ahead and consider making changes to their real estate portfolios, they are wise to have a solid understanding of the property and casualty insurance market – the current state of the market, what impacts insurability and prices, and strategies for securing desirable coverage, particularly in locations considered high-risk. Addressing Distractions in the Workplace to Improve Patient Safety OutcomesWhile nurses are performing their daily responsibilities on the job, many are personally struggling with an increasingly common condition called “Attention Deficit Trait” – a term coined to describe work-induced Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD). After Ebola: Preparing for the next catastrophic pandemicIn 1986, it was AIDS. In 2002, it was SARS. In 2006, it was Swine Flu. In 2009, it was Avian Flu. In 2014, it was Ebola.