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White Papers

We tackle the issues that keep you up at night, in-depth insight from Graham's most experienced executives.

Contractor Default Insurance: A Nuanced Alternative to Performance BondsBy: Carl Bloomfield, AAI, Producer, Shane Riccio, Producer, Andrew S. Zimmerman Litigation on the Rise for LTC IndustryBy: Timothy E.J. Folk, Vice President and Rafael Haciski, Esq., Producer Consider the Alternative: Is Captive Insurance for You?By: Christopher M. Keith, Producer

Surety Tips

More than just providing bonds, our Surety professionals handle everything from a complete review of your financial history to effectively managing the relationship with your bonding company. Here, we provide best practices and timely tips on a quarterly basis.

Spring 2013: Contractors who don't embrace technology are heading for extinctionFall 2012: Cash is King; Debt is Deadly

The Graham Advisor

We turn words into actions; our clients share stories of what it meant to their business. Safety tips, industry news and best practices are also featured quarterly.

2013 Q4: Outlook on 2014 - What the Realities of the Insurance Industry Mean for Your Business2013 Q3: Protecting the Mission: Steps to Becoming a Risk-Savvy Non-Profit


From Workers Compensation issues to complex risk management claims, our experienced Claims Services Team breaks down the most important stories on a bi-annual basis.

Summer 2013: Maximizing Coverage and Limiting Financial Exposures