For contractors, nothing is more critical to your success than the ability to be bonded. At The Graham Company, we know that now more than ever, you need us to aggressively advocate on your behalf to secure bonding. We also know that every business owner is unique in judging which aspects of their surety program are the most important. That's why we spend time getting to know our clients personally and from a business standpoint. We then develop tailored Surety programs and relationships that consider what a client's business looks like today and what it hopes to achieve in the future.

Our Surety professionals provide an ongoing review of your financial performance. They offer advice on how your performance or decisions can affect surety credit going forward. Ultimately they help you to effectively manage the relationship with your bonding company so that you get the support you need in a responsive manner.

The Graham Company is known for our understanding of accounting standards, our ability to analyze a contractor's financial statements, and our ability to create customized strategies that will maximize your Surety credit. That's what makes us not only Surety experts, but partners in growing your business.

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