Drones in the Construction Industry: What Are My Risks?

The use of drones also known as unmanned aerial systems (UAS) or unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) are increasingly becoming popular in the construction industry as contractors see the value of this technology as an integral part of business operations.

Protecting Heavy Equipment from Theft

Heavy equipment theft that includes generators, air compressors, light plants and mobile equipment continues to be on the rise in the construction industry. Companies shouldn’t wait for a theft to occur before they implement a theft-prevention program, especially since recovery rates for stolen equipment is so low. Most of the time companies need to set aside large sums of money just to replace the stolen items, which results in lost revenue.

Why You Should Seriously Consider Surety Bonds

With the economy continually improving, we’ve seen a proliferation of construction projects across the country. In Philadelphia alone, there are countless projects being planned, built and developed. Needless to say, keep reading >

Creating & Implementing a Construction Safety Plan

Being a successful contractor involves more than being good at your craft. It also involves establishing and maintaining strong client relationships that will grow and sustain your business for years to come. Many of the best relationships you’ll build will be with property owners who require comprehensive construction safety plans. Knowing this, you should do what you can now so your business is even more attractive to these high-quality, safety-conscious clients.

Construction Wrap Up Insurance: OCIPs vs. CCIPs

Here we discuss Owner Controlled Insurance Programs and Contractor Controlled Insurance Programs, also known as “Wrap Ups”.

Insuring Construction Projects Through “Wrap Ups”

An insurance solution that offers construction project owners control over costs,
coverage terms and conditions, claims processes and loss prevention.

Insuring Joint Ventures

JVs Offer Advantages, But Create Added Risk. Here’s How to Partner Smart by Carl Bloomfield, AAI, Producer, Jim Marquet, Producer You’ve made it through the Great Recession; but now that keep reading >

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