A Strategic Approach to Recover and Recapture Your Work Culture

August 31, 2020

We have all now felt, and continue to feel, the impact of the first modern age global health crisis. The unprecedented disruption to the way the world literally “works” now carries with it a certain degree of acceptance as our new normal. Work-from-home is no longer an aspirational goal but often a necessary adaptation for many non-essential workers as more than half of the US population is currently doing business from home. What we do not yet know is the mid to longer term impact on the workforce dynamic and on the individual culture of companies small and large.  

Most executives understand how the pandemic has stressed their employees.  Anxiety is still high and the crisis is not yet in the rearview mirror. Concerned company leaders worry about the sustainability of operations by the workforce. Early response consisted of flexible work scheduling, hazard pay and more to help ground and motivate their employees.  But was that enough? What about the ongoing mental health issues facing workers where the danger level is high and the work itself is unexpectedly challenging?  What can be done to ensure that this crucial aspect of overall wellness is not neglected? 

Graham Company has created a researched-based approach to help your supervisors and work teams start to regain and rebuild the culture of your organization from the inside out.  The engagement begins with education on research findings from previous pandemics such as SARS, MERS and early research from COVID-19.   These include program-based psychological first aid approaches which have proven effective for employee health such as, but not limited to: 

  1. Educating supervisors to triage with mental health interviews 
  2. Helping employees design sustainable self-care strategies 
  3. Teaching leaders to facilitate crisis debriefs that help with coping 
  4. Creating effective recharge breaks 
  5. Capitalizing on positive social support within the team 

These are just a few of the strategies that we are ready to help you implement and manage for the greatest effect.  Once your management team determines which research-based approach fits best for your organization, these advisements are written into emergency preparedness plans for current and future crises. Armed with these tools, Graham Company can help implement the practices through supervisory education and employee training. 

The ultimate goal of this approach is to make the work environment safe and also to acknowledge that a total wellness employee profile is paramount to overall productivity, job satisfaction and success. There is no more “business as usual” for any forward-thinking work and service environment, not now and not in a post-COVID-19 world. New times demand new processes for re-branding and reigniting the underlying mission of any business. None of that can be achieved without caring for the workforce. For businesses all over the world in these most complicated and often dangerous times, for the company wondering how to stay viable and desirable after an unprecedented upheaval, embracing an unanticipated renaissance born from crisis is perhaps the silver lining of this pandemic. Graham Company will help your business recover by helping it reclaim its culture and growing it into a new and dynamic agent of change. We can help you succeed and even inspire you to lead the way for others.  For more information, please contact Bette McNee.

Bette McNee, RN, NHA
Senior Clinical Risk Management Consultant
The Graham Building
Philadelphia, PA, 19102



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