Nov 29, 2018

Ask The Expert: GrahamAlytics®

What is GrahamAlytics®?

GrahamAlytics® is a unique proprietary business analytics system that totals a client’s loss information, from many sources into one snapshot. The system provides a picture and drills down on losses – creating transparency into the client’s overall loss experience. Ultimately, GrahamAlytics® enables our clients to harness their data to drive actionable insights that improve business operations.

What does it enable?

Lower, long term costs of insurance. Our Claims and Safety Consultants are able to uncover trends in losses – that may otherwise go unnoticed – by slicing and dicing the data in any way possible. From there, our consultants can use that data to recommend and implement actions to reduce the number of claims for clients. We also have a full-service support team dedicated to training clients, answering any questions and custom-tailoring GrahamAlytics® to meet their business objectives.

What is the impact on business operations?

Armed with the loss data, we work with our clients to implement safety precautions to prevent the same losses from occurring again. Using GrahamAlytics®, clients can assess month-over-month data to determine if the new safety precautions were effective or need further refinements. We are proud of how GrahamAlytics® can help keep employees safe while also protecting our clients’ bottom lines.

What makes it unique?

Customization is what makes GrahamAlytics® unique. We have built the system to be able to accommodate our clients’ individual needs, understanding that such a solution cannot be one-size-fits-all. Each of our clients has very unique risks, and the system was intentionally built with the flexibility to accommodate a variety of high-risk industries. But that’s not something every broker can or is willing to do. Some of our carriers have created custom reports just for us – so we can truly say there is no other system quite like GrahamAlytics® out there.

We are also constantly pushing the bar on innovation, looking for new ways to enhance the power of GrahamAlytics®. Later in 2019, we are excited to roll out new features, which will include comprehensive training so clients can maximize the value of the platform.

Ann Hampson, WCCC-PA
Data & Systems Coordinator
The Graham Building
Philadelphia, PA 19102

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