Safety Zone: Safety Leadership Training

August 2, 2018

Guidelines and safety protocols aren’t enough to create an effective workplace safety culture. It’s not for a lack of bloated programs and rules that we have preventable incidents. More often than not it’s a failure of leadership, whether positional or personal.

Dynamic safety cultures are built and sustained by leaders living their safety values on a daily basis. These leaders influence employees beyond the written rules, encouraging colleagues to consistently and proactively identify, understand and mitigate risks. Leadership matters. That’s why we offer clients a comprehensive Safety Leadership Training, tailored to each client’s individual risks.
The training modules emphasize five critical components of safety leadership:

  1. Field Presence – Building respect and influence among employees at each worksite.
  2. Effective Communication – Conveying clear expectations and demonstrating that employees’ actions matter.
  3. Feedback Mechanism – Engaging front-line personnel in the risk identification and mitigation process and utilizing their specific recommendations to mitigate risk.
  4. Accountability – Taking ownership for safe behaviors, and requiring the same from employees.
  5. Benchmarking – Evaluating safety performance against lagging and leading indicators, using the data to modify behaviors and address any risk exposures or safety gaps.

Each of these components are applied to key scenarios in our Safety Leadership Training, which guides company leaders in everything from building a safety culture to changing at-risk behaviors, conducting safety audits and analyzing root causes. With helpful tools and effective leadership, every employer can set – and achieve – the goal for 100 percent of employees to work safely 100 percent of the time.

Jeffrey A. Spatz, CSP, CRIS, CET, CHST,
Vice President
The Graham Building
Philadelphia, PA, 19102




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