Solving the Data Crisis

January 9, 2020

Graham Company employees review insurance brokerage work

The proliferation of data across various platforms is a growing challenge across the globe, with a Deloitte study finding 80% to 90% of data is currently unstructured. With vast quantities of data coming from an abundance of sources, it quickly can become disorganized, unusable and difficult for organizations to maintain long-term.

This also presents a tremendous opportunity for organizations that effectively harness their data. In fact, the International Data Corporation (IDC), a leader in global technology market intelligence, projects that “organizations that analyze all relevant data and deliver actionable information will achieve an extra $430 billion in productivity gains over their less analytically oriented peers by 2020.”

Here at Graham, we truly believe in the power of data, but know that it can only provide value to an organization if it can be acted upon. We also understand that as a business grows, staying on top of trends in claims and losses can be a daunting task, requiring a significant chunk of time and effort each month.

That’s why we created and continue to refine GrahamAlytics®, a fully customizable business analysis system that totals our client’s loss information from many sources into one snapshot – creating transparency into their overall loss experience. The platform allows users the ability to clean up inaccurate data, spot trends, track and analyze loss, compare risks, and export summaries and loss runs.

GrahamAlytics® enables our clients in a wide range of industries – manufacturing, health and human services, real estate, construction and more – to utilize their data to drive actionable insights that can actually improve their business operations. But that’s not it – we take it a step further. We work with our clients to implement safety precautions within their organizations, based on the data garnered by the platform. That way, they can mitigate risks and prevent the same losses from occurring again. GrahamAlytics® can help to keep employees safe while also protecting our clients’ bottom lines.

This one-of-a-kind platform is customized to meet our specific client’s needs and we see it as a key differentiator in our offerings. Working with our client Merakey, one of the largest providers of education and human services in the country, we were able to leverage the power of GrahamAlytics® to implement targeted employee trainings, ultimately improving their claims experience and making the organization more attractive to insurers.

Each of our clients have very unique risks, and the system was intentionally built to be flexible, with their high-risk industries in mind. But that’s not something every broker can or is willing to do. Some of our carriers have even created custom reports just for us – so we can truly say there is no other system quite like GrahamAlytics® out there.

We’ve seen incredible results with GrahamAlytics® thus far and believe it can be a solution to the abundance of disorganized and unactionable data piling up within organizations. To learn more and see the platform in action, please view our video.

Ann Hampson, WCCC-PA
Data & Systems Coordinator
The Graham Building
Philadelphia, PA 19102



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