COVID-19: Building Security Considerations & Staff Notification Letter

April 15, 2020

To help your organization respond to questions surrounding COVID‐19, we have provided the following risk management recommendations and steps to reduce your legal exposure while continuing operations during the COVID‐19 outbreak:

Property Risk Management Recommendations: Consider implementing additional risk and safety measures at any of your facilities that may be idled in response to the COVID‐19:

      • Verify alarms are in service and the building is secure
      • Verify adequate heat is maintained in all areas
      • Verify all fire protection systems remain in service

Staff COVID‐19 Infection Notification Risk Management Recommendation: To help your organization respond to questions on providing notice to your staff in the event one of your employees tests positive or exhibits symptoms of COVID‐19, we have provided a template COVID‐19 Staff Notification Letter, found here (English) and here (Spanish). As a best practice, this notice should be provided to your staff within 24 hours of becoming aware that one of your employees tests positive for COVID‐19.

Your Graham Service Team is available to assist you in helping with risk management best practices to help protect your employees and your organization and to support your efforts in Crisis Management and Business Continuity.

For additional COVID-19 resources and risk management recommendations, please visit our COVID-19 Risk Management Center.

PDFs of the above information can be found here (English) and here (Spanish).




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