COVID-19: Work Protocols Needed

April 27, 2020

Workers compensation insurance carriers are experiencing a significant number of COVID-19-related workers compensation claims. As a result, at least one insurance carrier is requiring conference calls with their insureds to address the protocols those insureds have in place to keep their employees safe and to limit workers compensation claims. We are uncertain at present what ramifications there will be to not being prepared with well thought out and developed protocols.

Graham Company, in anticipation of the need, has developed industry specific COVID-19 Work Protocols. We know that many of our clients have been working very diligently to develop these protocols as well. If you would like to see Graham Company’s COVID-19 Work Protocols to compare against your own or to form the basis for your start at this effort, please reach out to your Graham Safety Consultant who can provide you with the protocols you need.

We firmly believe that this process of surveying insureds for these COVID-19 work protocols will expand to all workers compensation insurance companies as the number of COVID-19 workers compensation claims continue to rise.

These Graham industry-specific COVID-19 Work Protocols (adjusted to your company’s needs) should be just what you need not only to appropriately protect your employees but also protect your business when the request for an insurance company survey on this topic is made.

For additional COVID-19 resources and risk management recommendations, please visit our COVID-19 Risk Management Center.

A PDF of the below information can be found here.




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