September 26, 2012

Contract Review and Compliance Training for Insurance Professionals

This course reviews indemnification provisions when your client is providing indemnification to another party. As case law emerges, what determines the degree of indemnification being provided in a contract changes – by state. We will review these indemnification provisions, as well as: anti-indemnity statutes, various insurance-related clauses within contracts, standard AIA construction contract provisions, and other types of contracts like lease agreements, vendor agreements, business associate agreements. We will be working through many examples.

Pete Prinsen and Jeanne Oronzio Wermuth

2 PA CE (Approved)
2/NJ CE (Pending)
2 CLE (Pending)


The Graham Company
The Graham Building
One Penn Square West Philadelphia, PA, 19102
United States


8:00 AM to 10:00 AM


September 26, 2012

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