December 11, 2014

Employment Practices – Avoiding the Thin Ice

We’ve all heard or experienced the nightmare – an employee that costs you far more than what they provide in value to your company. Costs, both direct and indirect can severely impact your workers compensation insurance and employment practices liability insurance, and can lead to costly claims and litigation that drag on your organization’s bottom line. Naturally, spending time to investigate your employment applicants properly makes sense, and sometimes, the law even requires it. On the other hand, it can seem that legislators, regulators, and class-action lawyers are doing everything in their power to inhibit your ability to vet candidates. So how can you protect your company? How can you avoid the regulatory thin ice that seems to plague the employment process?

Attend The Graham Company’s “Employment Practices – Avoiding the Thin Ice” breakfast seminar, where a team of subject matter expert attorneys from Littler, a national labor and employment law firm, will discuss how employers can best navigate the employment process. We plan to discuss the following topics:

1. Advertising
2. Applications and interview questions
3. “Ban-the-Box” laws and background checks
4. Reference checks
5. Pre-employment physicals
6. Drug and alcohol testing
7. Employment eligibility verification
8. Disciplinary action
9. Termination of employment

Have specific employment practices questions you’re looking to have answered? Submit your questions in advance to Maureen Kehan of The Graham Company at and we will be sure to pass them along to Littler’s team so that they can address your questions during the seminar.

Don’t miss this opportunity to get your questions answered, learn from the experts, and leave with a clearer picture of the best path forward.


Philadelphia Country Club
Philadelphia Country Club 1601 Spring Mill Road,
Gladwyne, PA, ,
United States


8:00 AM to 11:30 AM


December 11, 2014

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