July 11, 2013

Fall Protection: Staying Alive and Avoiding the Impact

In the years since OSHA published the final rule for 1926 subpart M, more than 4,000 construction workers have been killed by falls.

Falls remain the #1 killer of construction workers.

Don’t let your employees become statistics.

When it comes to fall protection, the details matter but only when they really matter. If you’re thinking you already know about fall protection, what OSHA requires, what equipment is on the market, you may want to think again. Join us for The Graham Company Safety Service Department’s Fall Protection: Staying Alive and Avoiding the Impact workshop and roundtable.

Reduce the risk, control the hazards, and protect your workers. If you work at heights or are responsible for those that do, register now.

Safety Professionals, Supervisors (Super-intendents and Foremen), Front-Line Personnel and Owners interested and engaged in the safety of their personnel.


St. Helena Church
St. Helena Church
1489 Dekalb Pike, Blue Bell, , PA 19422
United States


8:00 AM to 3:30 PM


July 11, 2013

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