September 15, 2016

Getting Comfortable with your Cyber Liability


The FBI says that there are only two types of organizations – those that have been hacked and those that will be hacked. Many organizations don’t think they have a cyber/privacy liability exposure unless they are a “bank” or a “retailer.” This seminar will discuss the risk and exposure all organizations face as well as provide industry specific insight on cyber risk. This session will offer an understanding of claims trends, exposures, IT security, legal liability and insurance products related to the cyber and privacy liability faced by organizations in the Construction, Manufacturing, Finance, Healthcare & Real Estate industries. Mike Zusman, Founder and President of Carve Systems, will share insight into the technology vulnerabilities and threat landscape faced by organizations operating in today’s environment. Nick Cushmore of The Graham Company, along with Brian Bonkowski of Chubb, will explain current claims trends and costs associated with Cyber Liability. There will also be a focus on understanding the life cycle of a claim and how a Cyber Liability policy works when responding to a cyber breach. The session will conclude by offering risk management recommendations on how to get your organization prepared to defend against the evolving cybercriminal.



3 Hours PA

3 Hours NJ
Subject Area: Specialized Knowledge and Application
Level of Difficulty/Experience Level: Intermediate
Prerequisites: None
Preparation: No
Teaching Methods: Live


The Graham Company -25th Floor Conference Room
One Penn Square West
Philadelphia, PA , 19102
United States


8:15 AM to 1:00 PM


September 15, 2016

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