May 07, 2015

Safe Crane Management Construction Roundtable

The strengthening construction market has brought with it a fresh array of challenges, including balancing the boom with ensuring the safety of operations, the public, and personnel. Safety must remain not only a priority, but a core value. With that in mind, we’re gathering best-in-class construction industry leaders to discuss best practices for safely and effectively managing crane operations. Bob Kunz, Corporate Safety Director for Dimeo Construction, will be our discussion leader. Bob has an extensive background involving high-profile projects where crane operations were a key component. He has demonstrated a unique ability to weave an uncompromising approach to the safety of crane operations with the challenges (e.g. budget and schedule) inherent in any project whether large or small. Our discussion will explore the following key areas: 1. The case for crane management 2. Crane management program development 3. Planning 4. Operation 5. Supervision 6. Table top exercise on lift planning Be sure to join your peers for this timely and valuable discussion


The Graham Company -25th Floor Conference Room
One Penn Square West
Philadelphia, PA , 19102
United States


7:30 AM to 12:00 PM


May 07, 2015

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