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Construction Today, April 20, 2018

Jeffrey Spatz discusses Prevention Through Design and workplace safety.

McKnight’s Long-Term Care News, March 18, 2018

Bette McNee on understanding the superbug problem in healthcare facilities.

The Philadelphia Inquirer, March 15, 2018

Graham Company ranked #3 on The Philadelphia Inquirer’s Top Workplaces.

Construction Today, January 17, 2018

Jim Marquet offers the benefits of BIM-driven prefabrication for construction companies.

Utility & Transportation Contractor, January 15, 2018

Ryan Scannell discusses the importance of Contractor’s Equipment Insurance.

Philadelphia Business Journal, January 14, 2018

Graham Company’s redesigned office was featured in Philadelphia Business Journal’s Cool Offices column.  Ken Ewell shares how the new space will positively impact our training program and the productivity of employees.


Building Washington, December 11, 2017

Ian Mitchell and Christa Solfanelli discuss understanding indemnity statutes.

Philadelphia Business Journal, December 07, 2017

Bill Graham was named one of our region’s Most Admired CEOs.

Construction Executive, November 09, 2017

Mike Mitchell discusses creating sustainable growth with surety bonds.

Healthcare IT News, October 20, 2017

Marc Leone discusses cyber concerns for healthcare organizations to consider during Mergers & Acquisitions.

Business Insurance, October 08, 2017

Graham Company ranked #4 on Business Insurance’s list of most productive agents and brokers.

Business Insurance, October 08, 2017

Mike Mitchell discusses what makes Graham Company one of the most productive brokers.

Philadelphia Business Journal, September 22, 2017

Graham Company ranked #14 on Philadelphia Business Journal’s list of largest Employee Benefit Consultants.

Wholesale & Distribution International, September 21, 2017

Stephen Washkalavitch discusses the benefits of advanced in-vehicle safety technology for distribution fleets.

The Philadelphia Inquirer, September 20, 2017

Graham Company recognized for supporting Lenfest Institute as organization makes $2 million in new grants.

Utility and Transportation Contractor, August 21, 2017

Carl Bloomfield on understanding Land & Earth Movement Exclusions.

Healthcare IT News, August 04, 2017

Nick Cushmore on evaluating potential cybersecurity risks.

McKnight’s Long-Term Care News, June 28, 2017

Bette McNee on nurse morale and its impact on long-term care.

Insurance Journal, June 19, 2017

Jim Marquet on wearable technology and construction risk management.

Employee Benefit Adviser, June 07, 2017

Dan Jordon on strategies to save on healthcare costs.

The Philadelphia Inquirer, June 02, 2017

Bill Graham on the importance of supporting independent journalism in Philadelphia.

Insurance Journal, April 03, 2017

Ken Ewell on the Employee Stock Ownership Plan.

Employee Benefit Adviser, March 30, 2017

Ken Ewell on the Employee Stock Ownership Plan.

The Philadelphia Inquirer, March 24, 2017

Karen Boyle discusses Graham Company’s unique hiring practices and training program.

The Philadelphia Inquirer, March 24, 2017

Graham Company ranks in The Philadelphia Inquirer’s Top Workplaces for eighth consecutive year.

The Philadelphia Inquirer, March 13, 2017

Bill Graham discusses his storied career and the Employee Stock Ownership Plan.

Business Insurance, March 09, 2017

The Graham Company transitions to a 100% employee-owned company.

The Insurance Insider, March 07, 2017

Graham Company transitions to an Employee Stock Ownership Plan.

The Philadelphia Inquirer, March 06, 2017

Bill Graham on the Employee Stock Ownership Plan.

The Hill, February 21, 2017

Jim Marquet on the impact of the new administration on infrastructure building.

McKnight’s Long-Term Care News, January 27, 2017

Rafael Haciski, Esq. on how skilled nursing facilities should react in an emergency situation.


Convenience Store News, October 6, 2016

Bill Selman on how to insurance against environmental risk

Philadelphia Business Journal, September 30, 2016

Graham makes list of Top Employee Benefit Firms

Insurance Journal – Southeast Edition, September 20, 2016

Christa Solfanelli on Florida’s Rising Workers Compensation Rates Following NCCI Hearing

Commercial Investment Real Estate (CIRE) Magazine, September 10, 2016

Commercial Investment Real Estate (CIRE) Magazine

Globe St., September 9, 2016

Greg Offner on how building owners can mitigate the risk of Airbnb

CFMA Building Profits, September 1, 2016

Jim Marquet and Mark Troxell Provide a Safety Harness for the Bottom Line by Talking Quality Assurance & Control

Insurance Journal, August 8, 2016

Insurance Journal Ranks The Graham Company #38 on Top Insurance Agencies List

University Business, July 6, 2016

Micah Knapp discusses achieving savings through contractual risk transfer

Construction Executive – Risk Management e-News, July 5, 2016

Shane Riccio & Kara White explain how better drug management protocols reduce reliance on opioids

NJAA Apartment Industry Magazine, July 4, 2016

Greg Offner discusses how businesses can protect themselves against spear-phishing scams

GBCA Construction Today, Summer, July 3, 2016

Mark Troxell & Madison Concrete work towards zero injuries thanks to Kairos Safety Commitment Model

AGC Constructor, July 2, 2016

Mark Troxell and Jeff Spatz answer the question, “are we safe yet?”

Construction Executive, June 2, 2016

Shane Riccio & Kara White have the prescription for reducing workers’ comp costs

AGC Safety Matters, June 1, 2016

Jeff Spatz and Alan Mar explain the new electronic logging devices rule

Insurance Business America, May 12, 2016

Jim Marquet & Kevin Smith explain how they walk in clients’ shoes (and work boots)

Long-Term Living, May 5, 2016

Rafael Haciski, Esq., and Bette McNee on granny cams.

Multi-Housing News, May 3, 2016

Gregory Offner on avoiding taking the bait of spear phishing scams

Provider, May 1, 2016

Carl Bloomfield on mitigating the risks of accountable care organizations.

Utility & Transportation Contractor, April 7, 2016

Mark Troxell & Shane Riccio on recruitment and retention in a recovering construction industry

Property Casualty 360, April 6, 2016

Kevin Smith on how to create a disaster recovery plan for your business.

AGC Safety Matters, April 1, 2016

Mark Troxell & Shane Riccio on hidden risks of employee recruitment and retention

The Philadelphia Inquirer and, March 20, 2016

The Graham Company named #2 Top Workplace for 2016

Wholesale & Distribution International, March 12, 2016

Bill Selman and Luke Foley on cyber risk

Utility & Transportation Contractor, February 4, 2016

Carl Bloomfield & Shane Riccio on mega projects and wrap-up exclusions

The Philadelphia Inquirer and, February 3, 2016

Carl Bloomfield on Delaware Valley ACO agreement with Aetna

Property Casualty 360, January 25, 2016

Kevin Smith on ways to protect your business from natural disasters