Preparing for Manufacturing Business Interruption

A heavy reliance on custom equipment and machinery has made manufacturing much safer, but it has also introduced a new business consideration. If a piece of machinery breaks, what coverage is in place for loss of income during the period of restoration?

Use Contractual Risk Transfer to Improve Performance

Industrial distributors face a complex set of risks that if not properly managed can result in poor financial performance, or in extreme cases jeopardize the business itself. These risks are managed by a number of people and functions in a distributor’s organization. Furthermore, purchasing departments are mindful of their supplier agreements, exposure to price shifts, and diversity of suppliers.

Automotive Cyber Security: Smart Cars and Fleet Insurance

With each passing year, cars are getting smarter. Just like our smartphones, they’re becoming more sophisticated and more pervasive. The same way you can easily find someone holding an iPhone keep reading >

Asbestos Liability: Protecting your Business with Pollution Liability Insurance

When you hear or read the term asbestos, you probably think of lawsuits. Considering asbestos litigation became the longest and most expensive mass tort in U.S. history, this isn’t surprising. keep reading >

What’s Your Property Really Worth? How Accurate Assessments Provide Proper Coverage, Replacement Costs for your Real Estate

Determining property value for property insurance coverage purposes can be challenging. There are many factors to consider. Property owners of all types and real estate CFOs in particular are well keep reading >

What is Inland Marine Insurance?

Inland marine insurance is often misunderstood. In fact, despite the nautical language, inland marine insurance is not designed for property at sea. And it’s not “marine” insurance. The term was created in the 19th Century to describe insurance beyond what had previously been available for property at sea. This type of insurance can be written for almost any kind of property, anywhere in the world. Despite being a broad insurance category, there’s nothing standard about inland marine insurance. It can address a wide range of property your company owns or has in its custody, if your policy isn’t constructed correctly, it could lead to a significant uninsured loss.

CSA Scores and Their Impact on Fleet Insurance

CSA scores are based on a variety of factors. These include everything from vehicle maintenance to driver fitness to your crash history. And the severity of these offenses is also taken into consideration. For example, having a broken tail light may not be considered as severe as having a vehicle on the road that has faulty breaks.

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