Drones in the Construction Industry: What Are My Risks?

The use of drones also known as unmanned aerial systems (UAS) or unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) are increasingly becoming popular in the construction industry as contractors see the value of this technology as an integral part of business operations.

How a Pollution Legal Liability Policy Can Benefit Your Business

Property owners often don’t consider Pollution Liability policies, but they should. As evidenced by the recent legionella bacteria that was found in at least several water towers at schools throughout Long Island, and the outbreak this past summer in the Bronx, you don’t need to be engaging in hazardous operations to be confronted with a pollution liability issue.

Court Ruling Improves Liability Coverage for Manufacturers

In a surprise move, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court declined to hear the appeal filed by National Union in a case involving a window manufacturer whose windows leaked and caused third-party damage. This ruling signals an improvement in General Liability coverage in Pennsylvania. We’ll tell you what this all means for manufacturers and contractors.

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