D&O Insurance 101

Directors and Officers liability insurance is a product that protects the personal assets of the executives responsible for designing and executing corporate policy. These individuals act on behalf of their organizations and businesses and have a fiduciary responsibility. They can have personal liability if they do not live up to the acceptable “standards of conduct” based on and derived from common law. These standards of care are owed to a variety of parties, including the corporation itself, fellow directors, shareholders, customers, employees and the public at large (including the corporation’s competitors).

How to Mitigate the Threat of Cyber Extortion

For years there’s been an increase in cyber security issues. It’s hard to go a single day without reading a story about how companies large and small are threatened by cyber risks. As a matter of fact, Graham recently released survey findings showing that cyber security risks are one of the top business threats keeping them up at night.

Understanding the NCCI Experience Mod

You might have heard of the term “experience modification factor” in reference to your workers compensation premiums but don’t have a clear idea of what this term means. Don’t worry. You’re not alone. An experience modification factor is a unique rating factor that modifies a company’s workers compensation premiums based on the company’s individual loss experience relative to other employers that are using the same workers compensation class codes. In other words, it’s an actuarially based method for determining if a specific risk’s loss experience is better or worse than average.

What You Don’t Know About Commercial Drone Insurance

Unmanned aerial vehicles – also known as UAVs or commercial drones – are becoming more and more common. In addition to being used for military purposes, it appears that they keep reading >

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