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Since 1981, the Roux organization has set the gold standard for consulting and project management services involving some of the world’s most complex environmental issues. With more than 300 environmental professionals and offices around the country, Roux is a highly sought-after environmental resource for Fortune 500 and public sector clients.

We Get into

the Weeds

Unlike other insurance brokers, Graham Company’s team of professionals are technical experts. Prior to any client engagement, we take a deep dive into a prospect’s overall risk management plan, including its insurance coverage, operational exposures, contractual risk transfer mechanisms and risk tolerances. By analyzing every data point imaginable, we are able to design and implement a concrete strategy to maximize protection and drive cost efficiencies. This is part of our proprietary P2RIME™ process and we see it as a critical investment in understanding a client’s business.

Graham SSH Rapid Response

Graham is leading the way with P2RIME™, which stands for Prepare/Prevent, Risk Transfer, Insurance, Mitigation and Education – the five vital components of a holistic risk management program. This systematic, proven and repeatable process allows Graham to identify weaknesses that could increase total cost of risk and overall insurance spend for clients.

Driving Significant

Cost Savings from Day One

Using our proprietary and systematic approach, Graham began its relationship with Roux by conducting an exhaustive study – known as our Survey & AnalysisTM – on Roux’s insurance and risk management program. The study revealed problematic insurance coverage deficiencies, as well as areas where Roux’s insurance program was not up to market-leading standards. Therefore, Graham extensively marketed Roux’s insurance program and, by carefully detailing why Roux is a “best-in-class” organization that deserves the broadest possible coverage at the most cost-effective rate, we were able to cut insurance costs by 22% in our first year working with Roux. Inclusive of all the value Graham adds, it signified a cost savings of over $200,000. Most importantly, however, it included all the recommended coverage enhancements to ensure Roux achieved the best possible protection available in the marketplace.

Graham SSH Rapid Response

Always Thinking About

Your Business

Graham’s motto is “Actions Matter®” and we embody this philosophy in everything we do. Never content to let an insurance program just sit on the shelf, our team of professionals are engaging every day with clients.

Our team is regularly reviewing Roux’s loss development, providing executive overviews and giving advance notice of renewal expectations. Due to this proactive approach to risk management, we have continued to drive down the cost of Roux’s insurance program year after year.

Full Service

Strategic Counsel

In addition to 24/7 support from our dedicated service team, we also offer clients access to our Risk Management Center, a digital hub for industry-leading risk management documentation, training videos and modules, insurance policies, safety literature and much more. It’s a one-stop shop for core risk management needs, available at the touch of a button.

Roux set a Graham record as the most active user of the Risk Management Center, logging in more than 3,000 times in the first year of our business partnership. The organization continues to utilize the user-friendly tools to effectively implement its risk management strategy.

At Graham Company, we pride ourselves on being relentless client advocates. Our approach to driving client success is threefold: an industry team with unique technical expertise, unmatched client service and a focus on embracing the latest technology innovations to keep our clients ahead of the curve.

Mary Macy with Roux Associates

“When Graham Company says they never leave a stone unturned when it comes to ensuring the best possible protection in the marketplace, they mean it. Within just one year of our partnership, we were able to enhance coverage and protections while dramatically cutting insurance costs and producing significant savings for our business. The quality and service Graham provides is unparalleled.”

– Mary Macy, Executive Vice President & Chief Financial Officer, Roux

Roux Quick Facts

  • Employee-owned company
  • Ranked a Top 30 All-Environmental Firm by ENR
  • Twice named a 500 fastest-growing company by Inc. Magazine


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