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For contractors, nothing is more critical to your success than the ability to be bonded. Every business owner is unique in judging which aspects of their Surety program are the most important. That’s why we spend time getting to know our clients – both personally and from a business standpoint. We then develop broad Surety programs that consider what your business looks like today and what it hopes to achieve in the future.

Our Surety professionals provide an ongoing review of your financial performance and offer advice on how it can affect surety credit moving forward. Ultimately, they help you to effectively manage the relationship with your bonding company so that you get the support you need in a responsive manner.

Graham Company is known for our understanding of accounting standards, our ability to analyze a contractor’s financial statements and our expertise in creating customized strategies that will maximize your Surety credit. We’re not only Surety experts, but partners in growing your business.


surety services

With more than 50 years of property and casualty insurance experience in Philadelphia, New York City, Washington DC and across the nation, Graham Company understands the rules and risks of your complex field. That in-depth knowledge drives our Surety consulting strategies, giving our clients an edge in the bond market.

Graham’s Surety consulting services include but are not limited to:

  • Historical analysis of past performance
  • Quarterly review of Financial Statements, Work-in-Progress Reports and other related information
  • Preparation of detailed Underwriting Submissions
  • Strategies for presenting financial information in a format that will maximize Surety capacity
  • Ongoing negotiations with Surety companies to improve terms, conditions and limits of surety credit
  • Establishing lines of credit to provide flexibility and growth potential
  • Facilitating direct client relationships with your Surety local and home office personnel
  • Establishing “Back-up” Surety relationships – critical in hard market conditions
  • Involvement with your strategic planning
  • Help with debt restructuring
  • Reviewing bond form, contract and bid spec language
  • Prompt response to all bond requests
  • Advice on business continuity planning



In addition to contract Surety, Graham Company can also service your surety needs in the following areas:

  • Supply Bonds
  • Appeal Bonds
  • Financial Guarantee
  • Union Bonds
  • Site Improvement Bonds
  • Fuel Tax Bonds
  • Patient Trust Fund Bonds
  • Mining Permit Bonds
  • License & Permit
  • CMS Bonds
  • U.S. Customs Bonds
  • International Bonds



Graham Company is one of the nation’s few Surety brokers with fully qualified, experienced CPAs, construction executives and legal counsel on staff. That means our clients have direct access to a team with:

  • The technical know-how to analyze the intricacies of any financial statement
  • Construction expertise required to understand the most complex issues
  • The former treasurer of a $100 million regional contractor
  • A proven track record of advising contractors and negotiating with Surety companies
  • A reputation of professionalism and integrity



In any market, relationships are critical in securing Surety support. Graham Company has relationships with many of the nation’s top Surety companies. They know we do our homework and don’t blindly send in bonding submissions. We’ve got the experience to help our clients succeed, putting them at the table with key decision makers —bringing the positives to light and building trust along the way.

Whether you’re a mid-sized contractor or a multi-million dollar developer, Graham Company’s relationships guarantee responsive, committed service and ultimately, some of the most broad Surety solutions in the industry.

“When I started Intech in 1985, I couldn’t even get an insurance broker to listen to me, let alone agree to bond me. It was at this time that I met The Graham Company, and not only did they listen to me – they provided bonding. They undoubtedly took a risk when they agreed to do so, and that really meant a great deal to me.”

– Craig Sabatino, Co-Owner, Intech Construction, Inc.

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The SurePath Network is a web-based Surety bond processing system that significantly reduces the cost of executing and managing surety bonds.

SurePath enables clients, brokers, obligees and sureties to manage their Surety bond requirements efficiently through automation of administration, processing and reporting functions.