12 to 1 service to sales ratio

Our experience is second to none



With a multi-level service approach, Graham Company is uniquely positioned to address our clients’ highly complex insurance needs. As the industry landscape becomes broader and more intricate, we remain committed to providing you with the best options in the marketplace.

Graham Company provides each client with a dedicated Account Management Team to deliver value-added services tailored to your needs. These teams adhere to strict time frames and quality control procedures, ensuring you broad protection and cost-effective pricing.

CPAs, engineers, lawyers and more are all members of the Graham Account Management Team, applying their diverse backgrounds and skill sets for the benefit of each client.

From stewardship reports, to mid-term executive review meetings, to pre-renewal strategy discussions, Graham Company is always leveraging our personal and collective experience to positively impact our clients’ bottom lines.

“Simply put, my account team at The Graham Company is part of us – a real part of B. Braun that we rely on every day. How many vendors can you say that about? In my 30 years of experience, The Graham Company is the only vendor I have encountered that is a true partner with us.”

– Bruce Heugel, Chief Financial Officer, B. Braun

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